27 Reversible Knit Stitches – Beautiful on Both Sides

Reversible knit patterns give you two chic sides for the effort of one. With this collection of must-try reversible knit stitches, you’ll learn the secret to beauty from all angles.

These patterns are free, and many are beginner-friendly. Expand your stitch library with this collection of simple knitting stitches that look beautiful on both sides.

A grid of different reversible knit stitches.

Why Use Reversible Knit Stitches?

With some projects, it’s clear that the wrong side will never see the light of day. For example, you can focus on making the outside of a cozy sweater look stunning. 

But what about when a gust catches your scarf on a windy day? Or kids throw your lovely knit blanket any which way onto the sofa? Reversible knit stitches are the answer!

Why You’ll Love Reversible Knitting

  • Versatile: Incorporate reversible stitch patterns into plenty of projects
  • Creative: Discover heaps of neat and chic patterns
  • Beautiful: No more ‘wrong’ side!

Add to Your Beginner Stitch Library

Lots of reversible stitches are much simpler than they seem. Patterns often take their shape from clever combinations of knit and purl stitches. If you know how to knit and purl, you can make many of these easy knitting stitches your go-tos.

Will My Project Be Truly Reversible? 

Reversible knitting patterns can have an identical front and back or two stunning yet different sides. Look for the following features to check if your knit will be completely reversible.

Knit Stitches That Look The Same on Both Sides

Reversible knitting stitches with even, alternating patterns of knit and purl appear identical on both sides. Geometric shapes like parallelograms and triangles are perfect for this. 

Stitches That Look Good on the Wrong Side and Right Side

Shapes like dots and hearts puff out slightly on one side and are indented on the other. While the result is not identical on both sides, these types of reversible stitches give your project texture.

Pro Tip: Use clever colorwork to create a reversible project with two differently colored sides. Reversible patterns like the checked rose brioche stitch will give you this effect.

Use this table for tips on what to look out for to help achieve your desired reversible look.

Identical Sides2 Different-Looking Sides
Types of Stitch CombinationsEven, alternating rows with combinations of knit and purlKnit 1 stitch in row below (K1B in patterns), cables
ShapeTriangles, parallelograms, chevrons, gridsBubbles, hearts 
ColorUsing one strand of yarn throughoutUsing two strands for a two-tone pattern

Basic Knitting Supplies

Reversible knitting stitch patterns usually require typical knitting supplies. 

  • Knitting needles: Most of these patterns can be worked flat with straight needles. For larger projects, like blankets, long circular needles will accommodate the number of stitches required.
  • Yarn: These stitches can be knit with any yarn choice. Light-colored cotton yarns tend to offer the most stitch definition.
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

Versatile Reversible Knit Patterns

From geometric shapes to elegant, weaving cables, the world of reversible knit patterns offers endless creative possibilities. Grab a ball of worsted-weight yarn, your favorite needles, and start swatching.

Reversible Knit Stitches for Beginners

Learning a new stitch can be tricky. Patterns with step-by-step written instructions and video tutorials can lend a helping hand while you find your way.


Nautical Stitch

This gorgeous weaving stitch has a similar effect to knitting cables. Knitting novices need not fear; the nautical stitch is beginner-friendly!
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Bubble Wrap

This pattern creates charming rows of bubbles and indents. The sides aren’t perfectly identical, but both have an interesting visual effect. Bubbles are super wearable, so this stitch would be great as a scarf.
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Seed Stitch

The seed stitch is the perfect reversible stitch for novices. This easy alternation of purl and knit stitches will let your knitting projects blossom.
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Geometric Stitches

Geometric shapes are classy and eye-catching. These timeless designs are perfect for gift-knitting or creating elegant home decorations like placemats or pillows.


Pretty Parallelograms

Parallelograms are so versatile! The slanted, equal sides create sets of alternating knit and purl chevrons in a modern geometric pattern.
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Irish Moss

This 4-row repeat is perfect for beginners. The stitch has a gorgeous squishy texture, plus it lies flat. Also known as American Moss Stitch but not to be confused with British Moss or Double Moss!
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Checked Rose Brioche Stitch

This two-tone pattern creates a project of two halves. One color takes center stage on the front side, and the second creates the same pattern inverted on the back of your work.
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Grid Stitch

The ideal starting place for newbie knitters who want to learn a double-sided stitch pattern. Two of the four repeating rows are simple knit stitches, and the others combine knit and purl. Watch a beautiful grid pattern form before your eyes!
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Half Daisy Stitch

If you’re looking for afghan square inspiration, half daisy has you covered. Confident beginners can join the fun too.
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Show-Stopping Patterns

Let’s turn it up a notch. Intricate and unique reversible stitch patterns don’t have to be restricted to one-sided knitting.


Truly Reversible Travelling Cables

A stunning, fully reversible design. Begin with a basic reversible stitch like garter, seed, or rib before transitioning into this jaw-dropping cable pattern.
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Herringbone Stitch

A slightly more complex pattern that breathes fresh air into your knitting. The herringbone knitting stitch is unique and mesmerizing to look at. Try it with self-striping yarn to get a color change effect.
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Embossed Check Stitch

Embossed Check Stitch

A simple but striking pattern that is perfectly reversible thanks to its symmetry. Alternate between rows of knitting and purling in the back loop for eight rows, then repeat!
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Elegant Reversible Stitches

Play with shape and pattern to make your knits fashionable and unique. You’re sure to find inspiration and project ideas with these gorgeous stitches.


Chevron Lace

This delicate lace design is superb for a baby blanket. The knit side and purl side both sport a pretty pattern.
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Indian Cross

Combining lace and cables makes for a visual treat in this reversible pattern. The rich weaving of elongated stitches looks elegant and timeless.
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Sea Foam Stitch

Sea-loving knitters who are confident with garter stitch will want to dive right in with this sea foam stitch. Deceptively easy, this pattern repeats stitches in multiples of ten + six for a mesmerizing wave effect.
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Triangle Rib Stitch

If you’re looking to add to your growing list of modern stitches, look no further. This neat triangle stitch is simple to achieve and is sure to bring you plenty of wow reactions.
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Reversible Chevron Stitch

This practical reversible chevron stitch doesn’t curl and would work amazingly as a reversible afghan knitting pattern. This design is best accomplished with a pair of circular needles and your choice of 12, 24, or even 144 stitches.
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Sweet Hearts

A little touch of romance – one side has puffy hearts, and the other is indented. The pattern of knit and purl creates adorable alternating hearts which are perfect for a baby blanket.
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Pythagorean Triangles

Perfectionists and trigonometry lovers (are you out there?!) unite! Pythagoras has gifted us with a perfectly reversible geometric knit stitch. Bring your concentration game for counting stitches. But if you can get through high school math, this will be a fun new stitch to try.
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Flying Geese

A simple combination of knit and purl stitches. Keep the knitting chart handy, and you’ll be flying!
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Pistachio Knitting Stitch

Add texture to your next knit with this unique pistachio stitch. The video tutorial will guide you step by step.
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Solid Color Pattern Ideas

Some patterns are best showcased in block color projects. Knitting with solid color lets your gorgeous reversible stitch take center stage.


Iron Knit Stitch

This beginner-friendly reversible stitch creates a darling pattern with its inverse on the traditionally ‘wrong’ side.
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Like an airy French bun, brioche stitch whips up a cushy, elastic fabric. Delicious! Be aware that this stitch uses more yarn than others. Stock up on your skeins, so you don’t run out halfway through your project.
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At first glance, the labyrinth stitch seems puzzling and intricate. However, all you need is purl and knit to create this zig-zagging pattern. You will want to track this pattern carefully, so you don’t get lost in this labyrinth.
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Reversible Knitted Triangles

Take your solid color project to the next level with this reversible triangle pattern. Knit it flat with long circular needles.
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Shadow Chevron Stitch

Staying with the solid color theme, the texture of this shadow chevron stitch is clean and homey. You can knit up these eye-catching rows with patterns that work flat or in the round.
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Network Knitting Stitch

This airy design will surely be your new favorite stitch. If you are confident in knitting into the previous row, you’re good to go!
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Reversible Lace Stitch

For anyone looking to get into lace knitting, this reversible stitch is a super starting point. Make a delicate scarf to practice your lace-making skills. Remember to start with a swatch!
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Reversible Stitch Patterns FAQs

Which reversible knitting stitches are best?

This depends on where you are in your knitting journey! For beginners, simple reversible knit stitches with alternating knits and purls, like garter or rib stitches, are best. These patterns are easy to remember, so you can quickly find your rhythm.

What kind of projects work well with reversible knit stitches?

Any project where the wrong side and right side will be seen often can benefit from using a reversible stitch. Scarves, washcloths, and blankets are easy projects to practice using stitches that look good on both sides. 

Can I make my reversible knit two-tone?

Most of these reversible knitting stitches use just one strand of yarn. This means both sides are the same color. Many reversible geometric patterns look great when you switch yarns throughout to create stripes.

Double-layered stitches, like the checked rose stitch, allow you to create a two-tone pattern that is inverted on one side. Try double knitting if you want different block colors on each side.

Is a reversible stitch the same as double knitting?

Double knitting means using two strands of yarn to create two fabrics at once. This makes a double-sided project which looks great from both sides. The stitch itself may not be reversible, but the work will be.

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